Don’t dread the day you hit 40 as a sign that your glory days have past, but look at it as a milestone to celebrate the coming years. Here are some reasons why you should look forward to your 40s

MANILA, Philippines - As the old adage goes, “Life begins at 40,” but what does that say about your first 39 years of existence? A better way to phrase that perhaps is, at 40, you have more to look forward to.
Many men view the dreaded four-zero as a sign that they’ve hit the tipping point of aging and then the midlife crisis ensues. There are valid reasons for that, but hitting 40 doesn’t have to mean bigger waistlines, less energy, and aching muscles.
As with every life stage, there is always something different and new to look forward to. Your 20s were for having fun, taking risks, experimenting, and being irresponsible. In your 30s the responsibility kicks in, you still have fun but are getting more serious about your career and what you want in life. Perhaps you are already thinking about settling down.
Your 40s present a time where you are finally more stable. It is a time where you can pause and reflect on the past years and take those experiences with you as you go through your next phase in life with positivity and a clearer mind.
Stability and self-awareness
40 AND PROUD. At 40 you've hit a point in your life where you are stable and more self aware. When you are 40, you are at a more stable point in your life. You have hit your stride in your career and a have a steady income that keeps you financially equipped to support yourself and provide for your family. The good news – you should now afford all the things you wanted when you were 20, idealistic, and broke. At this point in your life, you are more self-aware. You have been through your share of disappointments, mistakes, and bad decisions. Hopefully you have learned from them, and have evolved into someone who is more comfortable and confident with himself. By knowing yourself more and caring less about what others think about you. Being 40 also gives you a newfound sense of freedom. This is not the carefree, laissez faire, attitude that somehow got you out of your twenties alive. This is the freedom that lets you make better decisions from a wiser standpoint and the freedom to impact the lives of others in a positive way. The freedom that lets you direct the course you want the rest of your life to take and the freedom to be at peace with who you are today. Stronger Family bonds FAMILY FIRST. When you reach your 40s family bonds become one of the top priorities in your life. FAMILY FIRST. When you reach your 40s family bonds become one of the top priorities in your life. As you reach your 40s, family bonds also grow stronger. Whether you’re still a bachelor or already have a family of your own, the relationships you forged with family and friends should have gotten deeper through the years. Fair weather friends have been weeded out of your life and only your most true and trusted remain (quality over quantity right?). Crazy aunts and cousins included, you find that the importance of family has become a priority in your life. You start to look forward to family gatherings even if it means a bit of chaos and a shouting match or two. From a parenting standpoint, you have had the pleasure of watching your children grow – from taking them home from the hospital, passing the terrible twos, and seeing them develop into their teens. You’ve grown along with them. From the initial panicking and thinking, “I have no idea what I am doing here,” to looking at your spouse in the eye and smiling because you know you got this parenting thing down. Relationships can be tricky but the beauty of growing older is that relationships also evolve. Reaching equilibrium BALANCED. At 40 your living a well balanced and fuller life. BALANCED. At 40 your living a well balanced and fuller life. By now, you’ve probably got the whole work-life juggling challenge under control (or at least have the experience and wisdom to perform better and live a more balanced life). When you were in your 20s or even 30s, you were so eager to prove yourself and impress your boss. You probably ran yourself to the ground. Now that you are in a more stable point in your career (possibly even your own boss) you’ve earned the respect of your peers and gained some credibility. The need to prove yourself every time you rise and grind wanes, and you find that you have more time to work on your family life, yourself, and your health. At 40, you can look forward to being that all-around family man who is a good provider, a loving husband and a father that his children adore. You can be the boss that the new batch of 20 somethings are proving themselves to. You can look forward to splurging on that car or vacation you couldn’t afford before. You can be 40 and feeling your healthiest when you maintain a good diet, work out regularly, and prioritize your well-being. Your 40s don’t have to be a time of doubt and midlife questioning. It can signal a time of equilibrium. It is a time for re-visioning (some psychologists say it’s not a time of crisis, but a time to revisit the goals you have set before which you have mostly accomplished already) Age they say is just a number but it is also just about perspective. Don’t dread the day you hit 40 as a sign that your glory days have passed, but look at it as a turning point to celebrate the coming years. Approach your 40s as a time of reflection and with a single malt in hand (which also gets better with age) you can smile because at 40 you finally got this whole life thing figured out and are prepared for new challenges and new accomplishments. And even if you are still trying to figure it all out, well that’s what your 50s are for. – Rappler.com

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